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The Hypocrisy of a Lazy Learner

Yes. I over purchase children's literature just in case I need to drop in on a friend with (or expecting) a small child or two. I know. I boast to friends, family, neighbors and coworkers about the importance of word usage and how it directly correlates with a child's developmental trajectory. Eeek. For the past… Continue reading The Hypocrisy of a Lazy Learner

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My More Mindful Year: 365 Days of Food

Well that was anticlimactic. I'm seeing "369 Day Streak" at the top of my My Fitness Pal home page. No bells, no notifications, no fireworks exploding out of my phone in accomplishment. An entire year has flown by since I sent a frantic text message to Shari asking for her to pull me out of… Continue reading My More Mindful Year: 365 Days of Food

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Food Prep Like a Champ!

The first question people ask me when looking to jump on the wellness-wagon is almost always, "What should I eat?" That question usually sends my excitable nutrition nerdy brain into a tailspin. Instinctively, I want to immediately ask them a series of questions about their home life, their career, their relationship with a power/energy greater… Continue reading Food Prep Like a Champ!