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Camp TimeOut Day 1: Sorta-S’Mores

What a much-needed weekend away with the Hubs. This weekend almost didn't happen. The two of us have stacks on stacks of reasons why we shouldn't and almost didn't get to camp this past weekend. But the stars aligned and for once... it all worked out! One of the more entertaining reasons this weekend almost… Continue reading Camp TimeOut Day 1: Sorta-S’Mores


Resiliency or Mystikal’s Greatest Hit

"You keep bumpin me against the wall - Yeah I know I let you slide before, but until you seen me trust me - You ain't seen bouncin' back" - Michael Lawrence Tyler aka Mystikal Resiliency - ahh the buzzword du jour. You hear news correspondents referring to resiliency all the time; the economy, communities… Continue reading Resiliency or Mystikal’s Greatest Hit