Well, hello there! A bit about me, aye?

1. Though I don’t have an official “Mission” or “Vision” (for this blog or my life at this point), I can say that I’m super excited to finally sit down and share some of my experiences and lessons learned with those looking to make their life more fulfilling, a bit more simple, and hopefully healthier! This space will incorporate wellness, travel, personal anecdotes, tips and quotes from my favorite authors, podcasters, bloggers, etc.

It’s gonna be fun.

2. My passion in life and in my career has always been helping people grow. Being witness to the human experience is what fuels me. Whether it’s observing a first grader going from barely recognizing their name to reading a whole book or someone showing me in their food journal how they see a correlation between their food and their feelings – that sh*t fires me up.

644264_10151141061858039_231909588_n3.¬†Despite all the “ick” that is going on in the world, I believe most people are AWESOME and more times than not, they are doing the best they can with what they have.

4. I am actively aspiring to learn and grow. One of my greatest accomplishments as a grown-up happened in 2017. I sucked up 30+ years of resentment and fear and anger to mend a deeply broken relationship – all because of an ungraded homework assignment on forgiveness. I didn’t once bring up the past or place blame. I learned a whole lot about that vulnerability thing Brene Brown was talking about (pats self on the back).

5. My biggest cheerleader and inspiration is my husband, Tim. He would hate to know I’m writing about him (he is a behind the scenes kind of guy), but he has always encouraged me to embrace adventure; to continue my education, to travel with few things and many ideas, and has been the catalyst for some of the biggest transformations in my life. Also, hopefully he will soon take that photography class he’s been talking about so I can get some legit* photos of our adventures.

We Eloped!
Photo Credit: Liz Cook Photography

*Until then, I will continue to borrow photos from my photographer friends and random iPhone pics on Facebook.