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Camp TimeOut Dia Dos: Me Gusta!


Day 2: Saturday (Cinco De Mayo)

(If you haven’t read Day 1 yet – it’s HERE!)

Sunrise Yoga: Tim and I got up before dawn (sans coffee) to do yoga on the lake with Carmen from Crossfit 757. Three things she did that no other instructor has ever done in the history of my personal experience with yoga instructors …

1. Spoke slow and clear with words I could understand
2. Laughed at herself (ever feel like some Yoga instructors take themselves a little to seriously?).
3. Beyonce.

Yes. Carmen. Just… yes.

Burpee Mile (Hard Pass after the pollen-hives)

Hammocks and Books: Quiet Time

Breakfast: Again… options galore. Yum and Thank you. 

SUP Yoga: Of course this bad a$$ chick teaching our SUP Yoga class was from Cape Cod. Amy was awesome. Since I had already started my day with BEYoga, I was pumped for a chill water based movement. Holy Crap. Yoga on the ground is challenging. Yoga on a 10 foot floating plank is a legit butt-kicking. Amy challenged us throughout and let me tell ya bout that Shavasana! Nothing like a good brain break on a paddle board.

Horseback Riding/Archery: I signed us up for horseback riding and Tim was like, mmmm – I’m going to Katniss Everdeen the sh*t out of this afternoon. (Which apparently paid off in the adventure race). That left me with Harvest Moon aka Harvey. Harvey was a real a-hole. This freaking horse. Gorgeous…. but man. He was like a 500 lb Lou. He was eating poop and going off trail and sniffin horse butts. Hot mess. He also had a serious crush on one of the staff members from England (English Amy – not SUP Amy). Every single time she would try to talk to another rider or assist with a different horse he would just stop in protest. At one point I tried to win him over by allowing him to sneak some snack leaves. That backfired. Twigs in the teeth, boogers, sneezing. A whole thing.

Lunch: Spot on. 

BirthFit/Ropes Course: I feel like I almost convinced Tim to be a BirthFIT coach. But instead he wanted to climb ropes. To each his own. In addition to just thinking Autumn was a super cool person, I also wanted to take this course so I could help my friends. I’ve been hearing about this program on various podcasts (Girls Gone WOD and Balanced Bites) for a while. I randomly forward the podcasts to my friends who are pregnant and/or postpartum (as if they have the time or brain capacity to listen to or even download a podcast). I’ve linked what the program is above so that you can dive in deeper yourself. Basically, I got two things from this.

  1. I could easily empathize/align my own apprehension of returning to the gym with my own health issues to that of a woman trying to navigate her new normal post-pregnancy and
  2. I know what a Diastasis feels like. Woah. I totally underestimated the time it takes for a woman’s body to heal after pregnancy. Social media is telling the wrong story of postpartum and setting unrealistic expectations on “bouncing back” to pre-baby body. I also learned that no matter what – your body will be forever different and it’s ok! ❤ You made a freaking human life for gosh darn sake!

River Tubing: In hindsight – I should have gone on the “Goal Setting Hike” cause the river was low and cold and slow and frankly I had reached my capacity for relaxing about 45 minutes in. It was beautiful and calm – don’t get me wrong. But I was exhausted and in fear of whatever treacherous obstacle caused Justine to lose a toe-nail in the group prior to us. I did get trapped in a “dead zone” of no current for a while with three cool chicks and convinced them each to tell me their life story. So Tabitha (from NH now in VA), Stephanie (from CT now on Cape Cod – pretty sure I went to ECHO with one of your relatives) and Christine (from Virginia but now on Cape Cod) all had pretty cool paths that brought them to that particular place and time. Shameless plug for Salty Broad Studios (Christine – don’t forget to tell Pam I sent ya!)

Dinner: BYOC (bring your own Siete Tortilla Chips. I wanted to get in on the Cinco De Mayo Taco action so I came to dinner with a bag of my own cassava chips. Taco success!)

JENGA!: After a quick change in clothes, we took off up to happy hour with our Faux-S’mores materials and Wegmans brand sparkling water. Coloring books, friendship bracelets and a game of “Heads-up” to start the party. Solid opposite day for us – Tim was actually the one playing Heads-up with a group while I colored quietly next to them. I was starting to learn “extroverts burden” needing a pile of moments to allow for recharging.

Throughout the weekend we were continuously matched up with Candace and Hannah – two super awesome women from CF 757.  Hannah told us her amazing story of essentially being a grown up foreign exchange student. But instead of school – her husband brought their family here on a military exchange from Australia (oi oi oi). Tim and I were ready to sign up with the Aussie Defense Force. What an awesome immersion opportunity!

Mark from CF Pushing W8 set up a solid game of Jumbo Jenga much to the dismay of literally everyone else besides Tim and I. Our ridiculously long Jenga match was the only thing between everyone else taking a swing at the Cinco De Mayo pinata.

After being spun in circles for an eternity, Candace shattered the pinata and as we wrapped up the night – a SUPER cool thing happened. 

Tim told me to look down at my ankle and this very cool bird-fairy-butterfly thing had found a resting spot on my foot. The little guy wouldn’t let go – so Cara found him a safe spot on a nearby plant for the night. The bird-fairy-butterfly is actually a Lunar Moth and it is my new favorite insect. 

“Luna” (the bird-fairy-butterfly) moment was a beautiful way to say “Buenas Noches” to day two.



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