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Camp TimeOut Day 1: Sorta-S’Mores

What a much-needed weekend away with the Hubs.

This weekend almost didn’t happen. The two of us have stacks on stacks of reasons why we shouldn’t and almost didn’t get to camp this past weekend. But the stars aligned and for once… it all worked out!

One of the more entertaining reasons this weekend almost didn’t happen was the recent escape trick Lou learned the first day Tim had gone out-of-town two weeks ago. Lou can open a 7-foot tall gate… or rather he could – before my wonderful neighbor nailed it shut with a 2×4.

Oh the tales I could tell about the past few months. Maybe another day.

Back to Camp TimeOut.

This weekend was a solid blend of people from my old home, Cape Cod and my new home, Hampton Roads, VA. The number of odd cosmic coincidences that had to happen to put all of these people in one random camp in the middle of Virginia is mind-boggling. Some serious divine intervention here. Can’t even explain it.

The best way I can describe Camp Timeout is everything I ever wanted in a summer camp minus the lyme disease and bologna sandwiches. A three-ring circus of goodness for the mind, body, and soul.

Day 1: Friday Afternoon/Evening

Wegmans: Anyone who is from Central New York (or married to a ‘Cuse Kid) knows this place is the holy grail of grocery stores. Due to some funky dietary things I have going on, we spent well over an hour hanging out in a grocery store forgoing the afternoon Parkour session (probably a good decision for me as you will see by day 3). I fear the day Wegmans opens in Virginia Beach as our grocery bill will be double our mortgage. 

Fitness Challenge: We arrived at camp just in time to hit up the first fitness challenge. Teams of 10-12 had to complete a series of activities including partner burpees, wheelbarrows, and a wall ball relay where you could only use your feet to progress the ball down the field. One element none of us planned for was the sharp angry pollen covered grass wreaking havoc on our skin. A few of us left the field covered in itchy hives for the remainder of the evening. For me allergy pills – for the rest – Happy Hour! Open Bar from 6-10pm with local craft beer, wine and cocktails. A cold beer can also be pressed against the skin for inflammation reduction. 

Dinner: Let me start by saying that I was seriously concerned that my latest dietary adventures would leave me grumpy and with a serious case of FOMO. Not at all the case. First, Cara and Christin made it clear that the chef would go out of his way for any restrictions, but because of the amazing salad bar packed with veggies and the lean protein options – I never once needed to chat with the Chef. All of my fears squashed. 

Corn Hole Tournament: LuLuLemon sponsored the Corn Hole Tournament. I’m awful at Corn Hole, but this activity forced you to talk to people you didn’t know because you were randomly matched up with someone at camp based on a Kentucky Derby Horse selection. Really great icebreaker. I couldn’t hide in my comfort bubble of married-duo all weekend. This was also great because so many people came solo or in groups of friends. Everyone found a little tribe to hang with no matter who they were bunked up with. My round two partner, Sarah, and I had the best chat that started with dietetics and ended with how other cultures care for their elders. She was awesome. 

While making Sorta-S’mores with everyone (see sad substitution above), I bumped into Autumn and Doug from Crossfit 757. Doug, sorry about the disappointing Graham Crackers. Your videos are amazing and you can do better than “Graham Cracker Like” products. As for Autumn, the frequency this chick’s energy is buzzing on is captivating. Talk about someone who can completely entrance you in a conversation about a topic you know nothing about. Absolutely I want to strengthen my pelvic floor. Are kids in my future, probably not. Would I let this woman I just met deliver my hypothetical future baby, no questions asked. Crazy, right. What I really got from the conversation with Autumn is that we as women need to feel more confident in our ability to support other women. Whether your choice is to have 12 kids or 12 cats or business suits and bomber jackets or all of the above or none of the above… we gotta lift each other up. Especially our sisters that have experienced loss. We gotta show up for them. Even if we have never been in their shoes. Show. Up. 

Basketball: Before heading back to our cabin, the Hubs and I noticed no one was on the basketball court placed about halfway between happy hour and our sleeping bags. The two of us shot around for a while before deciding on an old favorite, Around the World. This game is one Tim and I played on one of our first “this isn’t a date” dates back in 2004. Yada Yada Yada…. I won. The slow and steady – don’t take any of the challenge shots plan WORKED. I beat him.

Unskilled Tortoise 1 – Actually Athletically Inclined Hare – 0 (or however many points all the other times/games ever would add up to).

Bonus: Tim and I won a private cabin for the weekend. We had 8 twin beds all to ourselves. We chose bottom bunks on our respective sides. Each had significant graffiti from the punk-a$$ kids who slept there summers before. It was hilarious. 

More to come on the rest of our wild and crazy weekend at sleepaway camp over the next few days… but for now… off to enjoy a good night sleep fully stretched out  in my climate controlled queen size bed.

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