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The Hypocrisy of a Lazy Learner



I over purchase children’s literature just in case I need to drop in on a friend with (or expecting) a small child or two.

I know.

I boast to friends, family, neighbors and coworkers about the importance of word usage and how it directly correlates with a child’s developmental trajectory.


For the past 4 years, I’ve convinced my husband and a few of his colleagues to take on a tutor-mentorship role with struggling first grade readers based on the threat that if they don’t participate, these kids will end up in jail and it will be all their fault.

I am an admitted literacy bully.

And I am terrible hypocrite.

For the past few years, I have had stacks of dusty books on my nightstand half (or less) read. pexels-photo-57563.jpeg

It took me over a year to read The Year of Yes.

I’ve had a lot on my professional and personal plate, however I refuse to stop learning.

To my credit, I have been in school for the past year. Though I am more of a “scanner” when it comes to the text.

I’m a lazy learner.

I’ve chosen YouTube over a text-book.

I’ve chosen Podcasts over white papers.

I’ve chosen Instagram Story tutorials over cookbooks.

I’ve chosen to download Hoopla (for the audiobooks/movies) over actually going to the library.

I’ve actually gone to a bookstore, found a book I wanted, and then just researched the author via the search function on my podcast app.

Believe me. I try. Every time I open one of the books on my nightstand narcolepsy sets in. I’m out.

And also lately, when I’m left to my own devices (walking the dogs, getting ready for work, showering or during my morning commute), my mind has been going to some less than awesome places. I have some funky stuff going on and self-guided thinking is the last thing I want to allow my brain to do right now.

It’s not something I really want to talk to actual humans about (blogs maybe, people with faces… nope), so I distract myself with as much positive or encouraging sh*t as I can.


Care to join me in my half-assed brain stimulation? Here are some of my favorite lazy lessons of late…

Audiobooks (I like hoopla because it is free with my local Public Library)

Streaming Binges

Podcasts (Those in rotation today – this is mixed up weekly)

Social Media/Newsletters


and Happy Easter to my fellow awful Catholics. 

My ChEaster lazy learning God-loving self will be in Church tomorrow. #Blessed #spiritualnotreligious #allthecliches

 Lazy Learning for Today: