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Every Party Has a Pooper…

…that’s why we invited you.


I’m having a small pity party for myself.

Today, I was supposed to wake up my normal “Sunday Morning Sunshiny Self” in a great mood with thoughts of gratitude, a well made bed, puppies, and nature, and coffee and waffles and a podcast, and a workout with my favorite people and just enjoy the morning before my weekly food-prep and planning begins.

Instead, I woke up in pain.

That pain sent me on a trail of awful thoughts beginning with what I won’t be able to do today and ending around the time my dogs were begging for a walk and my mind spiraled into my own imagination of my eventual handicap preventing me from ever taking them on a walk again.

Drama Qweeeen. (I’ve been this way my whole life. Ask my Mother)

The stories I tell people are almost always exaggerated and are accompanied with fun voices and dramatic undertones. Storytelling is my favorite. Except when the exaggeration is numbing and the voices are simply a dialogue in my own head.

This, friends, is called anxiety*.

No one likes to talk about anxiety. It kinda falls into the same “Let’s not talk about that” category as Religion, Politics, Addiction, Race, Depression (or any mental illness for that matter) and Sex. It makes people uncomfy.

So here are a few tips to silence that voice when it starts chirping:

1. Lose it a little (hyperventilating into your own tears for less than 10 seconds – then follow recommended steps from the “Resiliency” post).

2. Breathe. I do this breathing exercise each morning before I get out of bed and as I’m falling asleep at night. It also comes in handy when you start to lose control: Click Here.

Another trick I learned yesterday from Maury at Sattvic Space was to simply think,

“I’m breathing in” (as you breathe in) and “I’m breathing out a little bit longer” (as you breathe out slowly) — you will get a similar result.

3. I literally count my blessings. I start small. I just look around the room and start listing things that I am thankful for. Eventually, my mind shifts and I’m able to take the issue at face value.

Putting things into perspective helps. I remind myself that even on my worst day, someone out there has it tougher than me. More often than not, our fear and imagination have created a way bigger problem than what we are facing.

Think Happy Thoughts … Sing it Julie Andrews! 

(End of the story is my Coach did what all good coaches do and modified my workout to accommodate my physical impairment and (yes Mum) I’m calling the doctor in the Morning)

*I am not a mental health professional, I just play one on Instagram. If you or someone you know is experiencing anxiety or depression, here are some resources for finding assistance:

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