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On the First Date, True Love

Took myself on a date. She’s mos def getting a call tomorrow!

Here I am. Reading. Sipping tea named “comfort”. Finally, taking on this book that has taken up dusty residence on my nightstand for over a year. Eating a delicious piece of chocolate recommended by my new favorite barista.

What got me to this place was pretty synchronistic.

I’m supposed to be on a girls trip in Nashville right now. At this very moment I should be listening to a Chris Stapleton cover artist, with a fruity moonshine in a sweaty bar on Broadway.

Instead, I’m eavesdropping on my new favorite barista inquiring on the “notes” a customer likes in his Kenyan Sumatra. “We have Kenya” as if it’s common speak to refer to an entire nation of people as a thing one has.


Back to how I had the courage to ask myself out.

So last night I get home to pack for my trip and two things happen.

One, doggy daycare subtly informed me my eldest is too old for playtime and is experiencing some form of pain he can’t translate into English.

Two, the hot water heater is progressively leaking into my garage.

My dog-sitter (God Bless her) is taking diligent mental notes about what to do if Lou (my dog) needs to see the vet.

My husband is on day five of a six day hike on the Appalachian Trail and I’m about to hop on a plane to spend the weekend masking my social anxiety likely wishing I was home with my ailing and “grumpy” dog.

Simple fix. Cancel flight and bail on my friends… they won’t even notice my absence.

Circle back to young dog-sitter who not only looks forward to watching my dogs for the money but also for the respite it gives her from her daily chaos.

I made a deal with her.

I’m not here. I’m a ghost. Stay. Watch my dogs and I’ll disappear for the weekend, but I’ll be available in case my dog’s digestive tract or the hot water heater decides to blow.

Me: Sooo, do you wanna go out sometime?

Also Me: I thought you’d never ask! 

First: Yoga/Meditation At Sattvic Space. I love yoga here because it is more breathing and relaxing than stretching and contorting. I will say 2 hours is a bit much, but it is always worth it for the connections and community to follow.

Second: Enjoyed Community Coffee with my new friend Edwin

Third: Got a personalized tour of Alfred’s paintings in the community gallery. What a talent he is.

Fourth: Home to make myself a beet salad inspired by this here.

Fifth: Cook dog sitter dinner complements of PaleOMG!

Sixth: Manicure and Pedicure with Ling Le the greatest hand and foot massager ever (also Sandy and Hannah are spectacular too).

Seventh: Dinner at Panera – I got the ancient grain salad – I’m not sure exactly what grains they were but they were awesome!  I had a gift card sent to me by one of my mentors for letting her put me down as a reference. She’s the best.

…and a nightcap…

Tea and delicious chocolate!

What I learned tonight is that I actually really like myself. I LOVE the book I brought as the third wheel (on the date with myself so would that make it a second wheel to my unicycle?) and I’m actually perfectly ok with sitting alone in a public setting (take that 17 year old me).

Your challenge should you choose to accept it:

  1. Take yourself on a date.
  2. Turn off your phone (until the end when you want to blog about it).
  3. Write. Journal. Blog. Take time to put on paper (or a screen) how it made you feel.I’ll tell you one thing, when you are on a date with yourself there is no concern of having food in your teeth or if you made a good first impression. I did, in fact, put on real human non-athleisure clothing though.Thanks to The Happier Podcast.No matter how awkward or weird, there will always be a second date.

When life gives you a broken water heater and a sick dog, make lemonade!



Lou, enjoying his “sick couch” on the dog-sitter’s air mattress.

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