Resiliency or Mystikal’s Greatest Hit

“You keep bumpin me against the wall – Yeah I know I let you slide before, but until you seen me trust me – You ain’t seen bouncin’ back” – Michael Lawrence Tyler aka Mystikal

Resiliency – ahh the buzzword du jour. You hear news correspondents referring to resiliency all the time; the economy, communities devastated by natural disaster, celebrities jilted by a cheating spouse and professional athletes coming off an injury.

Understanding resiliency on a macro level is easy. The world’s ability to bounce back. But when was the last time you assessed your own ability to be resilient? I grew up with one tough lady as a Mum. She leads by example in this pursuit.

“Lose your sh*t for a few minutes, wash your face, blow your nose, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and move on.” – My Mum

She actually bought me bootstraps.

Because of this, I’ve learned how to navigate trauma, adopt empathy as a personal value and remain positive in some of the worst situations.

We all are faced with opportunities to become more resilient (the phrasing of that statement alone proves it – opportunity).

What do you do with that opportunity when it presents itself to you?

You take these missteps/failures/heartbreak as a lesson to be learned.

You seek out people who have been there and who you look to as triumphant in your specific sh*t-storm arena.

You seek guidance, healing and ways to better yourself.

Then, you dust yourself off and you rise up.

Ultimately, coming back stronger (it just took all of me to not rip-off Ms. Spears here) makes us all a bit more immune to the b.s. moving forward.

Cause sometimes you gotta get knocked down to get up…

Journaling Activity:

  1. Share a story of a time you successfully bounced back from some crapola?
  2. What techniques/mentors/healers did you engage to navigate your way back?
  3. What challenges (or challengers) are you struggling with right now?
  4. How can you use what you know to rise up with the current struggle?
  5. When in doubt, move.