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Food Prep Like a Champ!

The first question people ask me when looking to jump on the wellness-wagon is almost always, "What should I eat?" That question usually sends my excitable nutrition nerdy brain into a tailspin. Instinctively, I want to immediately ask them a series of questions about their home life, their career, their relationship with a power/energy greater… Continue reading Food Prep Like a Champ!


Finding Your Tribe

I'm a huge believer in taking things as they come. But let's be honest, sometimes the "blips" come a bit more regularly than we were built to withstand. Take my last three weeks for example. The waterheater/sick old dog/non-Nashville weekend happened. In the midst of all that, I've been experiencing this weird/frustrating thing where my… Continue reading Finding Your Tribe

Self Care

Every Party Has a Pooper…

...that's why we invited you. I'm having a small pity party for myself. Today, I was supposed to wake up my normal "Sunday Morning Sunshiny Self" in a great mood with thoughts of gratitude, a well made bed, puppies, and nature, and coffee and waffles and a podcast, and a workout with my favorite people… Continue reading Every Party Has a Pooper…

Sage Advice, Self Care, Self Improvement

On the First Date, True Love

Here I am. Reading. Sipping tea named "comfort". Finally, taking on this book that has taken up dusty residence on my nightstand for over a year. Eating a delicious piece of chocolate recommended by my new favorite barista. What got me to this place was pretty synchronistic. I'm supposed to be on a girls trip… Continue reading On the First Date, True Love


Resiliency or Mystikal’s Greatest Hit

"You keep bumpin me against the wall - Yeah I know I let you slide before, but until you seen me trust me - You ain't seen bouncin' back" - Michael Lawrence Tyler aka Mystikal Resiliency - ahh the buzzword du jour. You hear news correspondents referring to resiliency all the time; the economy, communities… Continue reading Resiliency or Mystikal’s Greatest Hit