Domain Names and Other Likely Regrettable Decisions

Bloody Nosed Bride
Unapologetically Me.

Three forces in the Universe have told me to start a blog in the past 24-hours. None of which was a person who knows me or has the ability to edit my grammar, but here goes.

I’ve started and stopped blogs many times over the years. Not once have I pressed publish. In going back and reading these entries, I now know why. Each time, I was either far too cynical, overly vulgar, or predictably cliche.

So will this round of verbal drivel ever see the light of day? Who knows. But this is my first take at a sixth or seventh blog, likely at a time when online diaries are “so 2007” and vlogs and podcasts and Facebook are all in the sunset of their existence.

Whatever, I’m so behind the times, I’m ahead of the times. Vintage.

Love and Light,

Melissa C. Z. Byrne